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You surely know that the towels would be more beautiful when it has some embroidery on it. This is why you could try to make towel embroidery for your towels. But towel embroidery could be more expensive than ordinary towels; this is why it would be better when you embroider your own towels. This is why you could try to use wholesale towels for embroidery so it would be cheaper.

How to use wholesale towels for embroidery?

Choose towel: The first thing that you need to do is to choose the towels that you want to embroidery. It would be better when the towel has no pattern so the embroidery would be more visible.

Choose embroidery: next you need to choose the kind of embroidery that you want to use for your towels. There are many popular embroidery that you could use such as letter, animal, character, and many others.

Wholesale Towels for Embroidery

Choose position: the position of the embroidery is very important so the embroidery would be more visible. You need to mark the position of the embroidery using disappearing marker.

Attached stabilizer: there are two kinds of stabilizer that you need to use which are cutaway stabilizer for the back part and water soluble stabilizer for the front part. Make sure that you have it in larger size than the embroidery hoop that you use. You could use spray adhesive to attach both stabilizers to the position that you have marked before, then you are ready to hoop the three layers together.

Stitch embroidery: last you could stitch the embroidery according to the pattern that you have chosen before then you could trim all stabilizers that excess the pattern.

When you use wholesale towels for embroidery then you would be able to get embroidery towel for cheaper price. Moreover you could also try to sell the spare embroidery towels so you could get back some of your money.

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