Useful Tips When Choosing the Right Bathroom Towel Bars Size

  • 2 min read
bathroom towels bar

There are many useable tools that you could use inside your bathroom, but what you should always have are bathroom towel bars since this bars is very useful for your bathroom. Some of the uses are:

Storage for towel: you surely need to store some towels inside your bathroom, which is why you should use the bar to store it inside your bathroom.

Easy to access the towel: when you hung the towel in the bar, it would be easier for you to access and use the towel since you do not need to open any drawer.

Standard size for bathroom towel bars

There are many sizes that you could use for bathroom towel bars, but if you are confuse to choose the suitable one; you could use the standard size for every towel inside your bathroom, such as:

Hand towel bar size: for the hand towel, the standard bar size is 18 inch length. You could place this bar beside the sink.

Bath towel bar size: for bath towel, the standard bar size is 24 inch length. You could place this bar near your bathtub or outside the shower frame.

Tips when using bathroom towel bars

When you try to use bathroom towel bars, you might want to fold the towel in half so the bar could fit more than one towel at a time.

When you choose towel bar size beside the standard size, you should see the width of your towel so the bar could fit the towel inside.

There are also heated towel bar that could be use to warm your towel before use. This is very useable especially in the winter when the towel could be cold.

When installing bathroom towel bars, it should be install on the wall stud so it would have stronger grip for it to not easily rip off from the wall.