Best Colorful Kids Beach Towels Section

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kid beach towels

As a kid it is important for them to use items that is cute and interesting, especially for kids beach towels. Usually the kids beach towels has a bold and bright color design with icons on the towel to make it more interesting for the kids. Some kids beach towels that you could use are:

St. Tropez beach towel: this brand has more subtle color on their design but still very colorful and cheerful. They use vibrant colors to create beautiful icons on the towel that they design, which is why the kids love it. Some of the icons that you will find are butterfly, mermaid, flamingo, octopus, surf, shark, and many others.

Cape Cod beach towel: this brand has a unique stripe design on the towel with colorful appearance. On the center of the towel, they would also add cute icons such as whale, flamingo, anchor, turtle, and many others that make the kids love it.

Ibiza beach towel: this brand use small icons that spread on the whole surface of the beach towel as their design. The icons that they use also vary such as flamingo, elephant, sting ray, shark, butterfly, and many others.

Disney beach towel: every kids would love a certain character from Disney such as tinkerbell, tangled, snow white, sleeping beauty, Ariel, Belle, and many others. This is why you might want to search for beach towel that has this character in their design. There are many brands that hold the license from Disney to put those characters on their design.

Tips when selecting kids beach towels

Select beach towel that made from cotton since it will have soft surface that would not irritate your kid’s skin.

Select beach towel that has UV protection so it could protect the kid’s skin.

Select kids beach towels that has Oeko Tex Certification that would be safer to be used by kids.