How to Purchase Hand Towels in Bulk?

Most of you might want to save more money especially for things that you always use everyday such as the hand towels. This is why you need to buy hand towels in bulk so you will get cheaper price. But some of you might not know how to buy hand towels in bulk, this is why we will teach you how in this article.

Decide how much towel that you need

First thing that you need to do is to decide how much hand towels that you need. Although hand towel would not damaged when you store it carefully but it would be better when you buy as much as you need so you would not waste any money.

Hand Towels in Bulk

Another reason why you need to decide how much hand towel that you need is because most bulk sale has determine minimum pieces that you should buy to get cheaper price. It could be in 6 pieces or 12 pieces or 24 pieces and even more. When you already decide how much towel that you need then you would be able to choose which minimum pieces that you going to buy.

Compare the price of hand towel

Next thing that you need to do is to compare the price of hand towel that you are going to buy. You could go to several stores to check on their prices and search one that has good quality but with cheaper price.

Usually people buy hand towels in bulk from the internet. When you do this, then you need to be careful and you need to make sure that they have good quality item since you could not see the item beforehand.

You could visit several website and compared their price. Another thing that you need to think about when purchasing from website is the delivery cost that you would also need to pay, so you need to also included it on the price when comparing them.

How to use Decorative Hand Towels to Decorate Your Bathroom?

One way that you could do to decorate your bathroom is by using the towels that you usually have inside your bathroom. The towels could really be used afterwards or you could leave it alone as decoration only. Among those towels the decorative hand towels are quite easy to use since it has small size so you could use it anywhere.

Placement of decorative hand towels for easy use

When you want to decorate your bathroom with these towels but still want to really use them, then you just place them neatly on one corner of your bathroom counter or cabinet. You could select several towels with different colors that match with the color scheme of your bathroom. Fold the hand towel in half on lengthwise then roll them up.

 Decorative Hand Towels

These hand towels rolls could then be use to decorate your bathroom in several ways such as:

Hand towel bucket or basket: pick a small wooden bucket or bamboo basket then place the towels inside the bucket or basket neatly. To use it you just need to pull one of the towels out of the bucket or basket.

Hand towel with ribbon: take the towel rolls and use small ribbon to tie the towels, but do not tied it too tight so you could untie it or pull the towel out from the tie when using it later on. You could just stack the towel on your bathroom countertop.

Classic way to use decorative hand towels

For classic way to decorate hand towel you could place it in towel rack. But this way might look boring and uninteresting. But actually there are several things that you could do to make it more interesting. First you need to choose towel rack that has interesting shape then fold the hand towel in to then hung them on the towel rack. Tie them with big ribbon so it would look more beautiful.

Why You Should Use Turkish Bath Towels?

Turkish bath towels are type of towel that is made from cotton that has longer fiber compared to the usual cotton used to create cotton towel. This type of cotton is grown on Aegean area in Turkey.

Information about Turkish bath towels

The history of Turkish bath towels first started in 18 century in Bursa city in Turkey which also becomes the first towel creation. Until now this area still becomes number one Turkish bath towels manufacturer area.

The Turkish bath towels are weaved from longer fiber which only needs fewer joint to weave them. This is why the Turkish bath towels are stronger and more durable compared to ordinary cotton towels.

Turkish Bath Towels

The Turkish bath towels also considers as luxurious type of towel since the weaving process makes the result become softer and smoother compared to ordinary cotton towels. This is why this type of towels is often used in five stars hotels and spa.

The Turkish bath towels should always made from 100% pure cotton which is why terry cloth could not be used to create this towel. To make sure the quality of the Turkish bath towels that you bought, you should make sure that the towel is weight 14 ounces for every square yard since it is the standard for Turkish bath towels.

Why you should use Turkish bath towels?

Because this towel is made from longer cotton fiber, it could absorb more water and allows you to dry quickly.

You do not need to be afraid to wash this towel since they would become stronger and softer when you wash it because of the material that they use.

How to wash Turkish bath towels?

When you want to wash this towel, it would be better to use hot water so it could clean the towel thoroughly. But do not use any cloth softener since it would make the towel lost its absorbent ability.

Decorative Bath Towels Brands to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

There are many things that you could use to decorate your bathroom. But when you want to have more useful decoration, you should try to use decorative bath towels which could be use to decorate your bathroom and use as towels. There are many decorative bath towels brands which have beautiful appearance such as:

Bianca Towel Collection: this brand is made in mostly solid color, but on the rim of the towel they would add many kinds of beautiful design and pattern such as Florentine art, Firenze, embroidery, polka dots, and many others. It also available in many colors for each design so you could choose the color which is more suitable for your bathroom color. It also available for many kinds of type; wash towel with 13 by 13 inch size, hand towel with 16 by 28 inch size, and bath towel with 28 by 52 inch size.

Decorative Bath Towels

Avanti Towels Collection: this brand provides beautiful design with many kinds of theme such as beach theme, Animal Print, Initial Embroidery, Christmas Theme, Marble Pattern, and many others. It also available in many colors for each design so you could choose the color which is more suitable for your bathroom color. It also available for many kinds of type; bath towel with 25 by 50 inch size, wash towel with 13 by 13 inch size, hand towel with 16 by 30 inch size, and fingertip towel with 11 by 18 inch size.

Hotel Collection: the origin of decorative bath towels is from the hotel that uses it to decorate their luxury bathroom. This is why this brand is suitable to be used to imitating the decoration on the hotel that you like. This brand provides beautiful solid color towel with high quality material which very soft like the one that you will find on spa and hotels. It also available for many kinds of type; wash towel with 13 by 13 inch size, hand towel with 18 by 30 inch size, bath towel with 30 by 56 inch size, and bath sheet with 33 by 68 inch size.

Useful Tips When Choosing the Right Bathroom Towel Bars Size

There are many useable tools that you could use inside your bathroom, but what you should always have are bathroom towel bars since this bars is very useful for your bathroom. Some of the uses are:

Storage for towel: you surely need to store some towels inside your bathroom, which is why you should use the bar to store it inside your bathroom.

Easy to access the towel: when you hung the towel in the bar, it would be easier for you to access and use the towel since you do not need to open any drawer.

Standard size for bathroom towel bars

There are many sizes that you could use for bathroom towel bars, but if you are confuse to choose the suitable one; you could use the standard size for every towel inside your bathroom, such as:

Hand towel bar size: for the hand towel, the standard bar size is 18 inch length. You could place this bar beside the sink.

Bath towel bar size: for bath towel, the standard bar size is 24 inch length. You could place this bar near your bathtub or outside the shower frame.

Bathroom Towel Bars

Tips when using bathroom towel bars

When you try to use bathroom towel bars, you might want to fold the towel in half so the bar could fit more than one towel at a time.

When you choose towel bar size beside the standard size, you should see the width of your towel so the bar could fit the towel inside.

There are also heated towel bar that could be use to warm your towel before use. This is very useable especially in the winter when the towel could be cold.

When installing bathroom towel bars, it should be install on the wall stud so it would have stronger grip for it to not easily rip off from the wall.

Cheap Bath Towels with High Quality

Bath towels are bathroom essential that you should have in your bathroom. And having the best bath towel does not mean you should purchase expensive one because you could actually find cheap bath towels with high quality such as:

Room Essential towels: this brand is known to provide your everyday room needs, they also available in many kinds of bold and bright colors that you could choose. With their zero twist technology their towel is design for quick dry so you could use it very often. This towel also has high durability and very soft. With their color retention their beautiful color stays longer. Their price starts from 2.99 dollars.

Threshold towels: this brand is created with smart design which is why you could find many kinds of design from this brand. With their innovative material you would be present with high durability towel but it is still soft to use. It also has good absorbance but very easy to clean since it resisting the stain and still able to retain their true colors. Their price starts from 4.99 dollars.

Cheap Bath Towels

Mainstays True Colors Bath Towel Collections: this brand has beautiful color collection that you could match with the color of your bathroom. It is made from 100% pure cotton very soft and high absorbent. It also has high durability so you could wash it with machine in warm water. The bath towel has 54 inch length by 30 inch wide with 1 inch thickness. Their price starts from 1.97 dollars.

Better Homes and Gardens Extra Absorbent Towel Collection: this brand creates very beautiful but cheap bath towels with 50% higher absorbent ability compared to any regular towel but still dry quickly. It has beautiful and bold color with fade resistant so the color stays strong longer. It has 52 inch length by 30 inch wide. Their price starts from 2.97 dollars.