How to Order Custom Beach Towels?

Some of you who love to go to the beach you surely want to get some custom beach towels that made especially for you. With custom beach towels you will get perfect beach towels that you could not find anywhere else. You will be able to get a lot of things from custom beach towels such as:

Custom size: what is important about beach towel is their size. Some people might not be able to find perfect beach towel because of their body proportion so they want to make custom one. That is why you should make sure that the size should be match with your need for example beach towel that used to lie down on beach should have longer length.

Custom Beach Towels

Custom material: another thing that you could choose when creating custom towel is the material of the towel. Usually towel is made from cotton, but you should also pay attention to the GSM of the cotton to make sure you get good material. For you who want to get fluffy material for your towel you should ask for material that has more than 500 GSM. But when you want the towel to be thin so it would be easier to carry then around 400 GSM would be enough.

Custom stitches: one thing that most people do not pay attention to when ordering custom towel is the stitches that they use to make the towel. Since you want to custom beach towels then you should have it in tight stitch so the sand would not easily come between the thread, it is very important thing for beach towels that most people do not know. Stitches that match with this need is terry cloth stitches with double stitches on the trim edge to protect the sand to entering the edge of the towels and damage it from inside.

Making Personalized Beach Towels Easily

Having a beach towel is a good thing especially when you and your family are planning to go to the beach this summer. But you should be very careful when bringing your beach towel so it would not be lost or misplaced. That is why you could try to get personalized beach towels so you would be able to know which towels belong to whom.

Getting personalized beach towels is not very cheap, but you should not have to worry since you could actually create your own personalized beach towels with simple and easy method that we will give to you here.

Personalized Beach Towels

Making personalized beach towels means you need to attach some monogram to your beach towels. Those monograms are in your initial so you would know that it is your towels. You could easily find ironed monograms on craft store in your neighborhood.

Since beach towels usually have bright colors and many patterns you should choose monogram that match with those colors and pattern. Moreover it should also have big size so you could see it clearly.

You could put the monogram anywhere on your towels but you should make sure that it does not covers any pattern since it would make it feel weird. That is why it would be better to put it on the side of the towel on its center width. Use any adhesive that you could also purchase on the craft store to attach it to the towel.

Iron monogram on the towel with cotton heat level so it would not damage the towel but still gives enough heat for the monogram to attach to the towel. But you need to iron both side of the towel with little pressure while doing it so the result would be perfect. Be very careful when tearing the monogram paper so you need to wait until it cold then you will get personalized beach towels that you want.

How to Choose Discount Beach Towels with High Quality?

When you hear the world discount beach towels you would be very excited especially when summer is coming up and you need to use those towels. But when you purchasing discount beach towels you should be careful so you would get high quality towel on discount price.

Discount beach towels with high quality

Quality with size: quality of the towels could be seen from the size of the towel itself, you should know that beach towels should have larger size compared to the bath towels that you usually use at home. This is important since beach towels are used to lie on the beach so it would need to have big size.

Discount Beach Towels

Quality with material: next you could see the quality on the material of the towel itself. Good quality towel should be made from good quality material. You could see it from the GSM measurement that should be more than 500 GSM. Higher GSM means thicker towel, while lower GSM will give you thinner towel. So you would need to find cotton material with higher GSM number.

Quality with process: another thing that could define the quality of the towel is the making process of the towel itself. Since it is beach towel we will need it to be made in tight stitch so the sand would not come in between the thread and damage it. That is why it would be better when it is made from terry cloth stitches that have tight stitch so it would not damage easily. Second process that you should pay attention to is the stitching process on the edge of the towel that should also be double stitches.

Quality with style: discount beach towels usually comes in many kinds of style and design so you need to choose style or design that is not outdated so when you use it you will see it is still new.

Choosing Good Towel in Beach Towels Clearance

Going to the beach with beach towel to lie on is very comfortable, especially when you want to tanned yourself during summer season. But when you go to the beach everyday on the summer you surely need a lot of beach towels to bring every day. That is why you could try to purchase it when there is beach towels clearance when the price would be cheaper.

What you should pay attention on beach towels clearance?

But when you purchase it on beach towels clearance, then you should be able to make sure a lot of things so you would not only get cheap towel but high quality towel as well. Those things are:

Beach Towels Clearance

First thing that you should see is the size of the beach towels, when there is a clearance there would be a possibility when the towels are mixed one another. You should know that beach towel has bigger size compared to bath towel. Moreover you need to make sure that the size is big enough for your body proportion when you want to use it to lie on the beach.

Next you need to pay attention to the softness of the towel since you would like to feel comfortable when using it; you should make sure it is fluffy enough for you. For soft towel it would be better when it has more than 500 GSM, but when you want it to be luxurious then it should be more than 700 GSM.

Another detail that you should see is the way that the towel is made. It should have tight stitching so the sand would not easily come into. High quality cotton with terry cloth wavering should be perfect for this towel. You should also make sure that it has double stitching edge so the sand would not damage your towels. When you manage to pay attention to those details then will be ok when purchasing from beach towels clearance.

Best Luxury Beach Towels to Have

Everyone surely enjoy good time in beach, especially when you have luxury beach towels to lie on to. You usually have this kind of towels when you stay in five stars beach hotels, but it does not mean you could not have this kind of towels on your own since you could purchase luxury beach towels when you do know what are you looking for from luxury beach towels such as:

Towel size: beach towel has larger size compared to ordinary bath towel since you need to use it to lie down on the beach. This is why the size of the beach towels could be different for each person according to their height. So when you choose your beach towels you should make sure that it could provide you with enough space to lie on to.

Towel GSM: the GSM or grams per square meter is what measure the luxury of a towel. For most bath towel it should be around 500 GSM, but when you want to have luxury towel then you should search for GSM number that higher than 700 GSM. With higher GSM you will get softer towel that could absorb better.

Luxury Beach Towels

Towel knitting: since this towel is used to lie on the sand surface you need to make sure that it has tight weaving with higher thread count so the sand would not come into the towel and damage it. The best way that you could use is terry cloth towels that fulfill all criteria.

Towel edge: while most people do not notice it, but it is also important to pay attention to the towel edge. For beach towel that used to lie on the sand it would be better when the hem is double turn with double stitches to prevent any sand to come into the towel. Moreover luxury beach towels with double sew like this would also be more durable since it would not fraying too soon.

Wholesale Beach Towels for Cheaper Price

During summer season you might want to go to the beach. That is why you need to prepare many things such as sun block, food, swimming suite, beach towels, and many others. You will surely notice that the beach towels that you use would easily dirty and damage since you use it outdoor on the beach. This is why you need to purchase wholesale beach towels which make the price cheaper.

Why you should purchase wholesale beach towels?

The main reason why people like to purchase wholesale beach towels is because the price would be cheaper. Moreover you would be able to get more pieces when you purchase the towels in wholesale.

Wholesale Beach Towels

What you should pay attention when purchasing wholesale beach towels?

Most of you think that purchasing wholesale beach towels means you would get lower quality items since the price is cheaper, but this is not always be the case. As long as you could make sure that the items that you purchase has high quality before you purchase it.

The problem exists when you purchase it from online wholesaler so you would not be able to see the items beforehand. This is why you should make sure that the online wholesaler that you use is trustable by searching for a view review about the website.

Detail of wholesale beach towels

Aside from their quality there are some details that you should pay attention about wholesale beach towels such as:

Towel size: the size of beach towels usually larger than ordinary bath towel. For adult the standard size should be around 60 inches by 30 inches. For kids the size is varied so you should make sure that it would fit them.

Towel pattern: for adult the towel pattern would not be necessary, but for kids it would be better when you choose pattern that they like so they would happier when using it.

How to Create Monogrammed Beach Towels Easily?

People love to have beautiful colorful beach towel, but to make it more personal, you might want to use monogrammed beach towels. But when you purchase monogrammed beach towels it would be more expensive since they need to customize the monogram on the towel. For cheaper alternative you could actually made your own monogrammed beach towels with the steps that we will provide here:

Preparation: the first thing that you need is to decide which beach towel that you want to monogram on. Afterwards you need to bring the beach towel to any local craft store in your area and search for iron on monogram by matching the color of the beach towel and the iron on monogram.

Position of the monogram: you need to decide the position of the monogram before you could attach the monogram on the towel. Although you could attached it anywhere, it usually attached on the center width of the towel. To find the center width you could try to fold the towel in half in lengthwise position and use the folded area as the center width of the towel. Use masking tape to mark the position if necessary

Monogrammed Beach Towels

Attaching the monogram: after you have the monogram, you need to attach it to the towel. Remove the masking tape and you could use the adhesive to attach the monogram to the towel surface on the center width position. Make sure the adhesive surface is on the towel surface.

Ironing the monogram: use iron with cotton heat setting to iron the monogram surface. Do it carefully in circular motion on the monogram to make sure that the heat is spread thoroughly. You would also need to iron the opposite side of the towel to make sure the monogram attached completely. Wait for at least 10 minutes so it could cold down before you could remove the back paper on the monogram to reveal the design. And now you would have your own monogrammed beach towels.