How to Make Monogrammed Towels for Kids?

  • 2 min read
monogrammed towels for kids

Some of you might want to personalize your towels so you would be more special. You could also do this to your kid’s towel to make it more personal so your kids would be happier. But it might be difficult for you to find monogrammed towels for kids since not all brands have towels in kid size.

That is why you should try to create your own monogrammed towels for kids so you would be able to make what your kids wants that you could not find anywhere else. To do it easier you could just use any iron monogram that you could find easily in your local craft store.

You could create monogrammed towels for kids for any kinds of towels such as bath towels, bath cloth, or beach towel. You could ask them to choose which towels that they want to monogram.

You should take your kid to any craft store in your neighborhood to ask them choose their own monogram style so they would feel happier when using it to their towels. But you should also make sure that they choose monogram that suitable with the color and style of their towels.

Take the monogram and choose where you want to put it on the towels. Then you could just use adhesive to attach the monogram to the towel. You could always use any adhesive that you want, just ask the seller which adhesive would be more suitable with the monogram that you want to use.

When you are ready you would need to iron the monogram to the towel using cotton heat setting. Irons both side of the towels carefully while push it down a little so it would be attach to the towel. Wait until the monogram cold down so you would not break it when tearing the paper on the monogram surface.