How to Make Personalized Towels?

Some of you might want to have personalized towels but most of it is too expensive so not all people could afford it. But you should know that you could turn ordinary rack towel into personalized towels yourself. The personalized towels are towels with your initial embroider to it so you could make your own personalized towels by embroider any towels that you have with a few steps such as:

Towel to personalize: first thing you need is the towel to personalize. You could use any towels that you find on any store rack no matter how cheap they are. But you should make sure that they are good enough to use. Moreover it should have fewer patterns or solid colored so embroider would be easier to notice.

Detail to personalize: next you need to choose the detail of embroider to personalize your towel such as the colors and style of embroider that you will use on the towels. You could find many embroider templates on the internet that you could use.

Personalized Towels

Embroider position: next you need to decide the embroider position that you want. Usually people place embroider on the side of the towels in their center width so when they use the towels it would not be rub too much.

Stabilizer to embroider: you need some stabilizer to be able to embroider your towels such as cutaway stabilizer and water soluble stabilizer. By using spray adhesive attached the cutaway on the back and the other on the front then put on the embroider hoop.

Embroider to personalized towels: after you have all things that you need, and then you could start to stitch embroider with your initial to the towel according to the detail that you have decide before to personalize it. After embroider is done you could remove the stabilizer that exceed the embroider pattern by cutting or tear it carefully so the embroider would not be pulled off.

How to Create Monogrammed Bath Towels

When you want to make your bath towels more interesting and luxurious, then you could try to create monogrammed bath towels. Although to do it you could use any kinds of towels, but it would be better when you do it to your decoration towels so the monogram would not easily tear of because of too much use and wash.

Choose monogram: the easiest thing that you could do to create monogrammed bath towels is to attach premade monogram to your bath towels. You could easily find some ironed monogram in any craft store that you have in your local store. Do not forget to bring the towels that you want to attach monogram in to the store to match the monogram with your bath towels colors.

Monogrammed Bath Towels

Position of monogram: before you could attach the monogram you need to think about the position on where you want to attach the monogram in. You could try to mark the position with washable marker. If you do not know where you want to attached it, most people will attached it on the center width of the towels in any position. If you want to really use the bath towel later on it would be better when you place the monogram on the side near the trim so it would not frequently rub on.

Attached the monogram: next you could just attach the monogram in the position that you have decided before. You could use some adhesive to attach it with the adhesive on the towel surface.

Iron of monogram: since you using ironed monogram, you could just attached the monogram by ironing it. You should use cotton heat level to iron the monogram so it would not be burned because of too much heat. Iron both side of the towels and wait until it cold down before you could remove the paper and have your monogrammed bath towels.

Know Your Towels More with Bath Towels Reviews

Before you purchase any bath towels for your bathroom, it would be better when you search for the bath towels reviews for it. When you read the review, then you would know more about the towels and make sure if that towels are really what you need.

Many kinds of bath towels reviews

Expert reviews: this kind of review comes from expert that studies the towels and reviews it. You usually find this kind of reviews from the magazines or professional home improvement website and many others. The best thing about this review is you will see professional compared it to other product with the same category so you will be able to see the different. But sometimes this review is too commercialized so you should be careful when reading it.

Bath Towels Reviews

Customer reviews: this review comes from customer that already used the towels before. Their review usually about their experience when using the towels. The best thing about this review is that you could see the real usage of the towels what is good and not good about it. But customer reviews are different one another so you could find some that talk good about the towels but some also said that it is bad so you would need to see through all the reviews to really see if that towels are really what you need.

What you need to search from bath towels reviews?

When you read any bath towels reviews then you need to search for a few things that would be able to make you know more about the towels such as the price of the towels, the size, the pattern, the colors, the fabric, the absorbance, the style and how to care the towels and if that care is easy enough for you to do. Afterwards you would be able to see whether those towels are really what you need or not.

Inside Towels Section of Bed Bath and Beyond

When you search for your bathroom supply you could easily search it from Bed Bath and Beyond. The Bed Bath and Beyond is a one of the biggest home need retail store that have its store spread in 51 states in America and abroad in Canada and Mexico.

This store will provide many kinds of home need not only for your bathroom but also for living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom, they provides many things such as furniture, decoration, and seasonal items.

They also have baby and kid’s needs such as strollers, car seats, baby gear, nursing, feeding, bath, potty, toys, baby decoration, furniture, clothing, accessories, seasonal clothing, baby gifts, and many others. For their bath department this store has anything that you ever need for your bathroom such as furniture, accessories, bath hardware, showers, and of course towels.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Towels section of Bed Bath and Beyond

Inside their towels section they also provides many kinds of towels such as bath towels, bath sheet, hand towels, fingertip towels, washcloth, guest towels, towels set, and decorative towels.

Those towels are available in many kinds of colors and pattern such as solid pattern, print pattern, monogram pattern, and many others so you could surely find any towels that you need for your bathroom.

Towels brand of Bed Bath and Beyond

There are many towel brands that you could find in this store such as Austin Horn Classics, Avanti, Bacova, Bamboo Ribbed, Barbara Barry, Bombay, Christy, Croscill, Disney, DKNY, Dri Soft, Echo Design, Elizabeth Arden, Finest, KAS, Kassatex, Kate Spade New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction Home, Lasting Color, Lenox, Loft by Loftex, Microdry, Natori, Nicole Miller, Palais Royale, Parker Loft, Portico, Real Simple, Sam Hedaya, Simply Soft, Soho, Southern Tide, Suite Platnium, Tommy Bahama, Tranquility, Turkish Luxury Collection, Wamsutta, and Wamsutta Collection. With so many brands in Bed Bath and Beyond you will surely find high quality towels that you need.

What is Inside Bath Towel Sets?

One bathroom decoration items that most of you do not pay attention is the towels that you place inside your bathroom. When you could use it the right way, the towels could be beautiful decoration for your bathroom. But if you want to use towels as bathroom decoration items, then it would be better when you use bath towel sets.

The bath towel sets is a set of towels that comes in the same colors or one color scheme and the same design so you do not need to difficultly mix and match towels when you want to decorate your bathroom.

What you will get inside bath towel sets?

When you purchase bath towel sets you will notice that you get towels in different sizes, those towels are:

Bath towel: this towel is a standard towel that you could use to dry your body after shower. It has standard size of 27 inches by 52 inches although different manufacturer also have their individual sizes.

Bath sheet: this towel has the same function as bath towel but it has larger size of 35 inches by 60 inches standard size. Because of its larger size this towel is often use to wrap body after drying it with bath towel.

Bath Towel Sets

Washcloth: this towel is used to clean you with soap for body or face. This towel is only used once then you need to clean it. It has standard size of 13 inches by 13 inches.

Hand towels: this towel is used to dry hands after wash it, which is why it is often placed near the sink for easy use. It has standard size of 16 inches by 28 inches.

Fingertip towels: this bath towel sets item is used to dry fingertip after wash. It has smaller size than hand towels with standard size of 11 inches by 18 inches. Because of its small size, this towel only used in quest bathroom.

Luxury Bath Towels Details for Comfort

You surely notice that many five stars hotels and spas are using luxury bath towels in their bathroom and spa. And it always feels very good to use it since it is very big, fluffy, and comfortable.

For you who want to also use luxury bath towels, you need to pay attention a few details on the towels when you purchase it, such as:

Size for luxury: one of the reason why this towel is called luxury bath towel is because it has very large size that larger than ordinary bath towels. Because of its size, you could even use it to cover your whole body with it. Towel that match with this purpose is sheet bath towels that has larger size of 35 inch by 60 inch up to 40 inch by 70 inch although every manufacturers have their own measurement.

Luxury Bath Towels

Material for luxury: common towels always use cotton for their material, but the cotton itself has many kinds of variety to choose from. One variety of the cotton material that considers luxury is the Egyptian cotton that taken directly from abroad. Since this material is imported then it also has more expensive price. For you who wants to find another material alternative you could also use pima cotton material since this material is also considered as luxury material for towel.

Design for luxury: another thing that would make the towel luxurious is because of the design. Luxury bath towels usually do not have many patterns in the surface but rather beautiful trim on the edge although some manufacture also create beautiful pattern on the towels. Another design that you could find on luxury bath towels is embroidery design. This design is one of the signature design of luxury towels so many people start to embroider their ordinary bath towels to looked like luxury towels.

Wholesale Towels for Spa with Good Function

When you have spa business then you might notice that you need to have a lot of towels since you would use it for many things inside your spa. This is why it would be better when you buy wholesale towels for spa since you could get it in cheaper price.

Types of wholesale towels for spa

Hair spa towels: this towels is used when your customer are having their hair spa treatment. Most people will try to use bath towels to wrap the client hair on the treatment. But you should avoid using bath towels since bath towels are too large and too heavy so it would hurt your clients neck when you using it. This is why you need to find towels that have smaller and more suitable size for this purpose.

Wholesale Towels for Spa

Body spa towels: this towels is used when your customer are having their body spa treatment. Since you need to have towels that have larger size so the customer could wrap their whole body with it, then you could try to use bath sheet towel or luxury towel that have larger size than ordinary bath towels.

Detail for wholesale towels for spa

When you want to buy wholesale towels for spa you would need to pay attention to a few details such as:

Since you could only use the towel for one person then wash it after use you need to purchase the towels in large quantity.

Make sure that you buy more than you need as precaution when the towel is damage or tear you could replace it immediately.

Make sure that the towels have good quality since it would frequently use and washes so it would not easily damage.

Choose material that suitable with the function of the towel rather than choosing cheaper price.

You could get wholesale towels for spa on any beauty supplier that also provide many other spa supply.

Buying Wholesale Color Towels in Different Color

When you buy wholesale color towels you might be notice that there are a lot of colors that you could choose from so you would become confuse as to what kind of colors that you would like to get. This is why now we will talk about many kinds of color and the impact that you will get from it.

What kind of wholesale color towels that you could use?

White towels: this towel might be the most original towel color that you always find. Although some interior designer call it crazy to use while color towel, but it actually brings many good things. First you could easily wash it since while color do not stain anything and when you want to make it looked like new you could just bleach it once or twice a year. Second it would bring neat and clean feeling to your bathroom, and last it would match with any other colors that you have inside your bathroom.

Wholesale Color Towels

Cream towels: this color on towel is an alternate that you could use if you do not want to use white color but still want to get the same cleanest and purity then you could use it. This towel could be match with marble counter and flooring that you use inside your bathroom and very suitable with gold, orange or vermilion bathroom scheme.

Midnight blue towels: this color is a dark color alternative that you could use when you do not want to use black color towel. This towel is also very suitable with other dark color scheme or blue colors scheme.

How to purchase wholesale color towels

When you purchase wholesale color towels you will need to purchase it in large quantity, this is why you could try to get more than one colors so you will be able to change the feeling that you have inside your bathroom when using it.

Purchasing Useable Wholesale Kitchen Towels

There are plenty of towels that used inside the kitchen. Moreover you need to prepare a lot of towels since you will need to wash it often after using it a few times. When you try to get cheaper price, you could try to purchase wholesale kitchen towels that will give you lots of quantity in cheaper price.

Many kinds of wholesale kitchen towels

Before you could purchase your kitchen towels you need to know many kinds of towels that you could find such as:

Hand towels: this towel is used to dry your hand after you wash it, which is why this towel is usually placed near the kitchen sink on a towel hook.

Dish towels: this towel is used to dry the dish after you wash it. It is highly absorbance so it could try your dish well. You could store it near your dish rack for easily use.

Wholesale Kitchen Towels

Tea towels: this towel has the same function as dish towels to dry the dish after you wash it, but usually this towel is used for more luxury dish such as silverware or china tea dish.

Decorative tea towels: this towel has beautiful embroidery or other beautiful pattern on its surface. It is not used for cleaning but it is used for decoration and to cover the food on tea time. Some of it could also be hung on the kitchen wall as decoration.

Where to find wholesale kitchen towels:

The easiest way to find wholesale kitchen towels is on the internet where plenty of kitchen towels sold. But when you want to find more unique and beautiful decorative tea towels it would be better when you not buy it from wholesaler.

For you who do not know what kind of color or pattern that you want in your wholesale kitchen towels then you could easily use while color towels since it could match any kitchen theme.

Buy Wholesale Salon Towels in Large Quantity

Outside your house, you will see a lot of towels are used inside the salon. They usually use the towel only for one customer before washing it. With plenty of customers that come to your salon every day, then you should make sure that you prepared a lot of towels inside your salon. This is why you would need to buy wholesale salon towels.

Details for wholesale salon towels

There are many kinds of towels are used inside the salon such as:

Hair towels: this kind of towels is needed to dry the hair after wash and wrap it when needed. Usually people use bath towels as their hair towels at home, but at salon it would be better when you could purchase hair towels that a little bit smaller than bath towels so it could still wrap the whole hair but not too big.

Spa towels: this kind of towels is needed in spa treatment at salon. They usually use it to wrap the whole body after and before spa treatment. This is why you need to use bath sheet towels that are big enough to wrap the whole body.

Wholesale Salon Towels

What you need to pay attention when purchasing wholesale salon towels:

Buy more towels than you need for saving since salon towels will easily tear up so you could replace it right away.

Buy towels that have good quality so it would be more durable since salon towel will be frequently be used and clean.

Buy towels that have suitable design and color that match with the style of your salon.

Where you could find wholesale salon towels?

The easiest way to find wholesale salon towels is on beauty supplier since they have all kinds of salon supply that you need including towels. Another alternate that you could use is from the internet where they have wholesale salon towels or spa towels.