How to Use and Clean Fingertip Towels

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fingertip towels

Some of you might not know these fingertip towels since most people do not use it because this towel is not very common to use. The fingertip towels have small size and often missed with hand towels since they have similar shape and size.

Standard size of fingertip towels

The fingertip towels have 10 inch by 15 inch standard size while the hand towels have 14 inch by 22 inch standard size. We could see from this that fingertip towels have smaller size compared to hand towels. This is also the reason why the fingertip towels are not common to use.

Uses of fingertip towels

Although the fingertip towels is not common to use but you could actually use it for many things such as:

Decoration using fingertip towels: the fingertip towels usually made in higher quality and more interesting decoration. That is why this towel is commonly used for decoration. They also have more beautiful pattern for that purpose. Some of the fingertip towels are decorated with beautiful trim on the edge of the towel. You could also match the pattern with the theme that you have inside your bathroom.

Practical uses of fingertip towels: aside from decoration this towel could also be used for drying your hands (fingertip) after splash them with water. But it is most commonly done by the quest in the house. This is why the fingertip towels are commonly place in quest bathroom.

Cleaning the fingertip towels

When you want to clean the fingertip towels you need to be very careful since these towels has more decorations so you would not want to damage the decoration. It is best to follow he direction that the manufacturer give to you when purchasing the towel. But for most fingertip towels you could use warm water with gentle detergent when washing it. To dry it you would need to use the lowest level.