Luxury Bath Towels Details for Comfort

  • 2 min read
luxury bath towels

You surely notice that many five stars hotels and spas are using luxury bath towels in their bathroom and spa. And it always feels very good to use it since it is very big, fluffy, and comfortable.

For you who want to also use luxury bath towels, you need to pay attention a few details on the towels when you purchase it, such as:

Size for luxury: one of the reason why this towel is called luxury bath towel is because it has very large size that larger than ordinary bath towels. Because of its size, you could even use it to cover your whole body with it. Towel that match with this purpose is sheet bath towels that has larger size of 35 inch by 60 inch up to 40 inch by 70 inch although every manufacturers have their own measurement.

Material for luxury: common towels always use cotton for their material, but the cotton itself has many kinds of variety to choose from. One variety of the cotton material that considers luxury is the Egyptian cotton that taken directly from abroad. Since this material is imported then it also has more expensive price. For you who wants to find another material alternative you could also use pima cotton material since this material is also considered as luxury material for towel.

Design for luxury: another thing that would make the towel luxurious is because of the design. Luxury bath towels usually do not have many patterns in the surface but rather beautiful trim on the edge although some manufacture also create beautiful pattern on the towels. Another design that you could find on luxury bath towels is embroidery design. This design is one of the signature design of luxury towels so many people start to embroider their ordinary bath towels to looked like luxury towels.