Using Paper Hand Towels to Replace Cloth Hand Towels

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paper hand towels

The paper hand towels are another alternative that you could use to replace the cloth hand towels. These paper hand towels are usually use in commercially used bathroom since there are a lot people uses it. For house use the paper hand towels are used in the quest bathroom or the kitchen to wipe spills, dust and any other mess in the kitchen.

Advantage of using paper hand towels

There are many reasons why people like to use paper hand towels than cloth hand towels. The first reason is because of sanitary. The cloth hand towels are used multiple times possibly by different people, they would be easily dirty. While the paper hand towels would only be used once before you disposed it so it would be cleaner. This is why commercially used bathroom towel or quest bathroom often use paper hand towels.

Other reason is because of some paper hand towels are environmentally friendly. Although it could not be applied to all paper hand towels, but some of it are made from recycled paper material so they would not need to use virgin wood pulp to create it. This is why you need to use paper hand towels that are made from recycled paper material.

Some of the paper hand towels also presented with beautiful colors and pattern so you could use it to decorate your bathroom with. The paper hand towels are molded with different pattern on the surface that you could match with the theme of your bathroom.

Types of paper hand towels

Folded paper hand towels: this type are the most common used paper hand towels in the house since it is easier to take out and used. There are also interesting dispensers where you could keep it.

Rolled paper hand towels: this type is commonly use for commercially used bathroom since it would be cheaper compared to the other types.