How to Create Monogrammed Bath Towels

  • 2 min read
monogrammed bath towels

When you want to make your bath towels more interesting and luxurious, then you could try to create monogrammed bath towels. Although to do it you could use any kinds of towels, but it would be better when you do it to your decoration towels so the monogram would not easily tear of because of too much use and wash.

Choose monogram: the easiest thing that you could do to create monogrammed bath towels is to attach premade monogram to your bath towels. You could easily find some ironed monogram in any craft store that you have in your local store. Do not forget to bring the towels that you want to attach monogram in to the store to match the monogram with your bath towels colors.

Position of monogram: before you could attach the monogram you need to think about the position on where you want to attach the monogram in. You could try to mark the position with washable marker. If you do not know where you want to attached it, most people will attached it on the center width of the towels in any position. If you want to really use the bath towel later on it would be better when you place the monogram on the side near the trim so it would not frequently rub on.

Attached the monogram: next you could just attach the monogram in the position that you have decided before. You could use some adhesive to attach it with the adhesive on the towel surface.

Iron of monogram: since you using ironed monogram, you could just attached the monogram by ironing it. You should use cotton heat level to iron the monogram so it would not be burned because of too much heat. Iron both side of the towels and wait until it cold down before you could remove the paper and have your monogrammed bath towels.