How to Make Personalized Towels?

  • 2 min read
personalized towels

Some of you might want to have personalized towels but most of it is too expensive so not all people could afford it. But you should know that you could turn ordinary rack towel into personalized towels yourself. The personalized towels are towels with your initial embroider to it so you could make your own personalized towels by embroider any towels that you have with a few steps such as:

Towel to personalize: first thing you need is the towel to personalize. You could use any towels that you find on any store rack no matter how cheap they are. But you should make sure that they are good enough to use. Moreover it should have fewer patterns or solid colored so embroider would be easier to notice.

Detail to personalize: next you need to choose the detail of embroider to personalize your towel such as the colors and style of embroider that you will use on the towels. You could find many embroider templates on the internet that you could use.

Embroider position: next you need to decide the embroider position that you want. Usually people place embroider on the side of the towels in their center width so when they use the towels it would not be rub too much.

Stabilizer to embroider: you need some stabilizer to be able to embroider your towels such as cutaway stabilizer and water soluble stabilizer. By using spray adhesive attached the cutaway on the back and the other on the front then put on the embroider hoop.

Embroider to personalized towels: after you have all things that you need, and then you could start to stitch embroider with your initial to the towel according to the detail that you have decide before to personalize it. After embroider is done you could remove the stabilizer that exceed the embroider pattern by cutting or tear it carefully so the embroider would not be pulled off.