How to Make Monogrammed Hand Towels Yourself?

  • 2 min read
monogrammed hand towels

Monogrammed hand towels could be one alternative that you could use to decorate your bathroom, guest bathroom, or even your kitchen. But most people do not want to purchase it since the price of monogrammed hand towels would be more expensive compared to hand towels without monogram. To cope with this problem, you could actually make your own monogrammed hand towels so it would be cheaper but still be beautiful.

There are actually some ironed monograms sold on any local craft store that you could find. These monograms is available in many kinds of shape, styles, colors, and details that makes it as beautiful as monogram that you find on store bought monogrammed hand towels.

Those monograms are what you could use to make monogrammed hand towels yourself. But remember for hand towels you need to choose smaller sized monogram that suitable with the size of your hand towels. Choose any details that you think would suitable with your towels.

After you got the monogram and adhesive from the craft store, then you could start to choose where you should put the monogram in. You should think about how you would put the hand towels when you use it. For example when you hung the hand towels then you should put the monogram on the top of the towels so it could be seen when you hung it.

Next you need to attach the monogram on its position using the adhesive that you get from the same craft store where you get the monogram. Make sure that you attached the monogram using adhesive in its entire surface.

Last you just need to iron the monogram to attach it to the towel. Use cotton heat level to iron the monogram on both side of the towels to make sure it attached correctly. Wait until it perfectly cold down then you would be able to tear the paper and get your monogrammed hand towels.