How to use Decorative Hand Towels to Decorate Your Bathroom?

  • 2 min read
decorative hand towels

One way that you could do to decorate your bathroom is by using the towels that you usually have inside your bathroom. The towels could really be used afterwards or you could leave it alone as decoration only. Among those towels the decorative hand towels are quite easy to use since it has small size so you could use it anywhere.

Placement of decorative hand towels for easy use

When you want to decorate your bathroom with these towels but still want to really use them, then you just place them neatly on one corner of your bathroom counter or cabinet. You could select several towels with different colors that match with the color scheme of your bathroom. Fold the hand towel in half on lengthwise then roll them up.

These hand towels rolls could then be use to decorate your bathroom in several ways such as:

Hand towel bucket or basket: pick a small wooden bucket or bamboo basket then place the towels inside the bucket or basket neatly. To use it you just need to pull one of the towels out of the bucket or basket.

Hand towel with ribbon: take the towel rolls and use small ribbon to tie the towels, but do not tied it too tight so you could untie it or pull the towel out from the tie when using it later on. You could just stack the towel on your bathroom countertop.

Classic way to use decorative hand towels

For classic way to decorate hand towel you could place it in towel rack. But this way might look boring and uninteresting. But actually there are several things that you could do to make it more interesting. First you need to choose towel rack that has interesting shape then fold the hand towel in to then hung them on the towel rack. Tie them with big ribbon so it would look more beautiful.