How to Create Monogrammed Beach Towels Easily?

  • 2 min read
monogrammed beach towels

People love to have beautiful colorful beach towel, but to make it more personal, you might want to use monogrammed beach towels. But when you purchase monogrammed beach towels it would be more expensive since they need to customize the monogram on the towel. For cheaper alternative you could actually made your own monogrammed beach towels with the steps that we will provide here:

Preparation: the first thing that you need is to decide which beach towel that you want to monogram on. Afterwards you need to bring the beach towel to any local craft store in your area and search for iron on monogram by matching the color of the beach towel and the iron on monogram.

Position of the monogram: you need to decide the position of the monogram before you could attach the monogram on the towel. Although you could attached it anywhere, it usually attached on the center width of the towel. To find the center width you could try to fold the towel in half in lengthwise position and use the folded area as the center width of the towel. Use masking tape to mark the position if necessary

Attaching the monogram: after you have the monogram, you need to attach it to the towel. Remove the masking tape and you could use the adhesive to attach the monogram to the towel surface on the center width position. Make sure the adhesive surface is on the towel surface.

Ironing the monogram: use iron with cotton heat setting to iron the monogram surface. Do it carefully in circular motion on the monogram to make sure that the heat is spread thoroughly. You would also need to iron the opposite side of the towel to make sure the monogram attached completely. Wait for at least 10 minutes so it could cold down before you could remove the back paper on the monogram to reveal the design. And now you would have your own monogrammed beach towels.