Making Personalized Beach Towels Easily

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personalized beach towels
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Having a beach towel is a good thing especially when you and your family are planning to go to the beach this summer. But you should be very careful when bringing your beach towel so it would not be lost or misplaced. That is why you could try to get personalized beach towels so you would be able to know which towels belong to whom.

Getting personalized beach towels is not very cheap, but you should not have to worry since you could actually create your own personalized beach towels with simple and easy method that we will give to you here.

Making personalized beach towels means you need to attach some monogram to your beach towels. Those monograms are in your initial so you would know that it is your towels. You could easily find ironed monograms on craft store in your neighborhood.

Since beach towels usually have bright colors and many patterns you should choose monogram that match with those colors and pattern. Moreover it should also have big size so you could see it clearly.

You could put the monogram anywhere on your towels but you should make sure that it does not covers any pattern since it would make it feel weird. That is why it would be better to put it on the side of the towel on its center width. Use any adhesive that you could also purchase on the craft store to attach it to the towel.

Iron monogram on the towel with cotton heat level so it would not damage the towel but still gives enough heat for the monogram to attach to the towel. But you need to iron both side of the towel with little pressure while doing it so the result would be perfect. Be very careful when tearing the monogram paper so you need to wait until it cold then you will get personalized beach towels that you want.