Many Kinds of Wholesale Hand Towels and How to Use it

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wholesale hand towels

Among all towels inside your house, you should frequently change your hand towels to make sure their hygiene. This is why you need to prepare a lot of hand towels to frequently change all hand towels inside your house. For you who have problem with it, you could try to find cheaper one with wholesale hand towels.

Many types of wholesale hand towels

When you want to purchase these towels you should make sure that you have the right type that suitable for you such as:

Useable hand towels: this hand towels is the ordinary hand towel that you usually use on your house. It has 16 inches by 30 inches standard size and usually uses to dry your hand after wash so you could place it near your sink.

Decorative hand towels: this hand towels has the same size with above type but it do not really used to dry your hand. Instead this hand towel is commonly use for decoration to make your bathroom more beautiful. This is why it usually have more interesting pattern and very colorful.

Paper hand towels: this hand towel is used as replacement of the ordinary hand towel and could really be used for many things such as drying your hands, cleaning dust and spill, and many others. This is why this type is not only used inside your bathroom, but you could also use it on your kitchen.

Where to put wholesale hand towels?

There are several ways that you could do to put the towels. The most common one is to use towels hook or towel bar and place it near your sink. But for decoration you could also use towel plates, towel rack, towel basket, and many others then decorate it with ribbon. For paper wholesale hand towels you need to use suitable dispenser that suitable with the shape since it also available in fold or rolls.