Wholesale Luxury Towels to Create Luxury Bathroom at Home

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wholesale luxury towels
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Most of you will think that you could not have luxury bath inside your house like the one that you will find on most five stars hotels. But you could actually create one inside your house when you could get the items that they have inside the hotels such as aromatherapy candle, big luxury towels, and many others. For the towels you would be able to get it cheaper when you use wholesale luxury towels.

How to choose wholesale luxury towels?

When you purchase your luxury towels in wholesale you need to see a lot of details on the towels such as:

Towels size: for luxury towels they usually has bigger sizes compared to ordinary bath towels, this is why they also known as sheet towels because of their big sizes. These towels could also be use to wrapped your whole body since they are so big so you would have spa like feeling inside your bathroom. The standard luxury towels size is 35 inches by 60 inches but there are also bigger sizes with 40 inches by 70 inches size.

Towels material: another thing that you need to see is the material of the towels. For most bath towels it would be made from cotton. But when you want more luxury option then you could try to use Egyptian cotton which surely more expensive because it is imported. For US local luxury material you could use pima cotton which has the same comfort with the imported towels.

Towels design: last but not least you would need to pay attention to the design of the towels. It should have luxurious design. This is why they usually have fewer patterns or have classic pattern on the towels. When you not really sure about the pattern that you want to use you could use towel with no pattern at all. Choose wholesale luxury towels colors that suitable with the color in your bathroom.