Types of White Cotton Towels that You Could Use in Bathroom

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white cotton towels
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Most people love to use white cotton towels since it could absorb more water. White color also makes the towel looked cleaner and hygiene. Although most people only use one towel at their bathroom, but you should know that there are actually many types of white cotton towels that you could use for many kinds of purpose such as:

Wash towel: this type of towel has the smallest size among all towel, the standard size is 13 inch by 13 inch size. This towel is used to wash your body in the shower or when you wash your face in the sink. This towel could only be used once since you need to put the soap on the towel and use it to clean your body or face, which is why you need to clean it after use.

Hand towel: this type of towel is used to dry your hand after wash, which is why it is place on the towel bar or towel ring beside the sink. It usually has rectangle shape; the standard size is 16 inch by 28 inch size. It could be used several times by many people before you need to clean it.

Bath towel: this type of towel is the common towel that most people use. It is used to dry your body after shower or coming out from the bathtub. This is why it is commonly placed on the towel bar near the bathtub or shower. It also has rectangle shape; the standard size is 27 inch by 52 inch size.

Bath sheet: this type of towel is actually the same with bath towel that you usually use, but it has larger size and usually made in higher quality material and softer white cotton towels. This towel usually consider as luxury towel that you often find in a hotel or spa.