What is Inside Bath Towel Sets?

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bath towels set
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One bathroom decoration items that most of you do not pay attention is the towels that you place inside your bathroom. When you could use it the right way, the towels could be beautiful decoration for your bathroom. But if you want to use towels as bathroom decoration items, then it would be better when you use bath towel sets.

The bath towel sets is a set of towels that comes in the same colors or one color scheme and the same design so you do not need to difficultly mix and match towels when you want to decorate your bathroom.

What you will get inside bath towel sets?

When you purchase bath towel sets you will notice that you get towels in different sizes, those towels are:

Bath towel: this towel is a standard towel that you could use to dry your body after shower. It has standard size of 27 inches by 52 inches although different manufacturer also have their individual sizes.

Bath sheet: this towel has the same function as bath towel but it has larger size of 35 inches by 60 inches standard size. Because of its larger size this towel is often use to wrap body after drying it with bath towel.

Washcloth: this towel is used to clean you with soap for body or face. This towel is only used once then you need to clean it. It has standard size of 13 inches by 13 inches.

Hand towels: this towel is used to dry hands after wash it, which is why it is often placed near the sink for easy use. It has standard size of 16 inches by 28 inches.

Fingertip towels: this bath towel sets item is used to dry fingertip after wash. It has smaller size than hand towels with standard size of 11 inches by 18 inches. Because of its small size, this towel only used in quest bathroom.