Why You Should Use Turkish Bath Towels?

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Turkish bath towels are type of towel that is made from cotton that has longer fiber compared to the usual cotton used to create cotton towel. This type of cotton is grown on Aegean area in Turkey.

Information about Turkish bath towels

The history of Turkish bath towels first started in 18 century in Bursa city in Turkey which also becomes the first towel creation. Until now this area still becomes number one Turkish bath towels manufacturer area.

The Turkish bath towels are weaved from longer fiber which only needs fewer joint to weave them. This is why the Turkish bath towels are stronger and more durable compared to ordinary cotton towels.

turkish bath towels
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The Turkish bath towels also considers as luxurious type of towel since the weaving process makes the result become softer and smoother compared to ordinary cotton towels. This is why this type of towels is often used in five stars hotels and spa.

The Turkish bath towels should always made from 100% pure cotton which is why terry cloth could not be used to create this towel. To make sure the quality of the Turkish bath towels that you bought, you should make sure that the towel is weight 14 ounces for every square yard since it is the standard for Turkish bath towels.

Why you should use Turkish bath towels?

Because this towel is made from longer cotton fiber, it could absorb more water and allows you to dry quickly.

You do not need to be afraid to wash this towel since they would become stronger and softer when you wash it because of the material that they use.

How to wash Turkish bath towels?

When you want to wash this towel, it would be better to use hot water so it could clean the towel thoroughly. But do not use any cloth softener since it would make the towel lost its absorbent ability.