Choosing Good Towel in Beach Towels Clearance

  • 2 min read
beach towels clearance

Going to the beach with beach towel to lie on is very comfortable, especially when you want to tanned yourself during summer season. But when you go to the beach everyday on the summer you surely need a lot of beach towels to bring every day. That is why you could try to purchase it when there is beach towels clearance when the price would be cheaper.

What you should pay attention on beach towels clearance?

But when you purchase it on beach towels clearance, then you should be able to make sure a lot of things so you would not only get cheap towel but high quality towel as well. Those things are:

First thing that you should see is the size of the beach towels, when there is a clearance there would be a possibility when the towels are mixed one another. You should know that beach towel has bigger size compared to bath towel. Moreover you need to make sure that the size is big enough for your body proportion when you want to use it to lie on the beach.

Next you need to pay attention to the softness of the towel since you would like to feel comfortable when using it; you should make sure it is fluffy enough for you. For soft towel it would be better when it has more than 500 GSM, but when you want it to be luxurious then it should be more than 700 GSM.

Another detail that you should see is the way that the towel is made. It should have tight stitching so the sand would not easily come into. High quality cotton with terry cloth wavering should be perfect for this towel. You should also make sure that it has double stitching edge so the sand would not damage your towels. When you manage to pay attention to those details then will be ok when purchasing from beach towels clearance.