Best Luxury Beach Towels to Have

  • 2 min read
luxury beach towels

Everyone surely enjoy good time in beach, especially when you have luxury beach towels to lie on to. You usually have this kind of towels when you stay in five stars beach hotels, but it does not mean you could not have this kind of towels on your own since you could purchase luxury beach towels when you do know what are you looking for from luxury beach towels such as:

Towel size: beach towel has larger size compared to ordinary bath towel since you need to use it to lie down on the beach. This is why the size of the beach towels could be different for each person according to their height. So when you choose your beach towels you should make sure that it could provide you with enough space to lie on to.

Towel GSM: the GSM or grams per square meter is what measure the luxury of a towel. For most bath towel it should be around 500 GSM, but when you want to have luxury towel then you should search for GSM number that higher than 700 GSM. With higher GSM you will get softer towel that could absorb better.

Towel knitting: since this towel is used to lie on the sand surface you need to make sure that it has tight weaving with higher thread count so the sand would not come into the towel and damage it. The best way that you could use is terry cloth towels that fulfill all criteria.

Towel edge: while most people do not notice it, but it is also important to pay attention to the towel edge. For beach towel that used to lie on the sand it would be better when the hem is double turn with double stitches to prevent any sand to come into the towel. Moreover luxury beach towels with double sew like this would also be more durable since it would not fraying too soon.