Many Kinds of Wholesale Hand Towels and How to Use it

Among all towels inside your house, you should frequently change your hand towels to make sure their hygiene. This is why you need to prepare a lot of hand towels to frequently change all hand towels inside your house. For you who have problem with it, you could try to find cheaper one with wholesale hand towels.

Many types of wholesale hand towels

When you want to purchase these towels you should make sure that you have the right type that suitable for you such as:

Useable hand towels: this hand towels is the ordinary hand towel that you usually use on your house. It has 16 inches by 30 inches standard size and usually uses to dry your hand after wash so you could place it near your sink.

Decorative hand towels: this hand towels has the same size with above type but it do not really used to dry your hand. Instead this hand towel is commonly use for decoration to make your bathroom more beautiful. This is why it usually have more interesting pattern and very colorful.

Wholesale Hand Towels

Paper hand towels: this hand towel is used as replacement of the ordinary hand towel and could really be used for many things such as drying your hands, cleaning dust and spill, and many others. This is why this type is not only used inside your bathroom, but you could also use it on your kitchen.

Where to put wholesale hand towels?

There are several ways that you could do to put the towels. The most common one is to use towels hook or towel bar and place it near your sink. But for decoration you could also use towel plates, towel rack, towel basket, and many others then decorate it with ribbon. For paper wholesale hand towels you need to use suitable dispenser that suitable with the shape since it also available in fold or rolls.

Wholesale Luxury Towels to Create Luxury Bathroom at Home

Most of you will think that you could not have luxury bath inside your house like the one that you will find on most five stars hotels. But you could actually create one inside your house when you could get the items that they have inside the hotels such as aromatherapy candle, big luxury towels, and many others. For the towels you would be able to get it cheaper when you use wholesale luxury towels.

How to choose wholesale luxury towels?

When you purchase your luxury towels in wholesale you need to see a lot of details on the towels such as:

Towels size: for luxury towels they usually has bigger sizes compared to ordinary bath towels, this is why they also known as sheet towels because of their big sizes. These towels could also be use to wrapped your whole body since they are so big so you would have spa like feeling inside your bathroom. The standard luxury towels size is 35 inches by 60 inches but there are also bigger sizes with 40 inches by 70 inches size.

Wholesale Luxury Towels

Towels material: another thing that you need to see is the material of the towels. For most bath towels it would be made from cotton. But when you want more luxury option then you could try to use Egyptian cotton which surely more expensive because it is imported. For US local luxury material you could use pima cotton which has the same comfort with the imported towels.

Towels design: last but not least you would need to pay attention to the design of the towels. It should have luxurious design. This is why they usually have fewer patterns or have classic pattern on the towels. When you not really sure about the pattern that you want to use you could use towel with no pattern at all. Choose wholesale luxury towels colors that suitable with the color in your bathroom.

Wholesale Bath Towels in Store or Online Wholesaler

Bath towels are something that you always use every day. This is why you would need to prepare a lot of bath towels in your house. You would then need to purchase a lot of bath towels. But the problem is the price of bath towels is not that cheap, if you want to get cheaper price then you could try to buy wholesale bath towels.

Where you could get wholesale bath towels?

To purchase wholesale bath towels there are two places where you could get it such as:

Home improvement store: although most home improvement store are retailers but you would also find that some of them sells their bath towels in wholesale so the price would be cheaper. Compared to other wholesalers these stores usually sells their towels in lesser quantity such as every 6 pieces or 12 pieces so you do not need to purchase more than you need but still able to find cheaper price.

Wholesale Bath Towels

Online wholesaler: most people will search for online wholesaler when they want to get wholesale bath towels. Indeed this option is very popular, but you need to be very careful when using this option since you need to make sure that the wholesaler is a trustable one so you would not be fraud. Moreover you would also make sure that the quality of the towels is great before purchasing it.

How to get high quality wholesale bath towels?

To make sure that you have high quality towel, it would be easier for you if you are able to see the towels in your own eyes but if you could not see it directly when you purchase it from online wholesaler then you would need to search for customer opinion about the items that they purchase in that online wholesaler so you would know from their opinion if the items you want to purchase has high quality or not.

How to Use Wholesale Towels for Embroidery

You surely know that the towels would be more beautiful when it has some embroidery on it. This is why you could try to make towel embroidery for your towels. But towel embroidery could be more expensive than ordinary towels; this is why it would be better when you embroider your own towels. This is why you could try to use wholesale towels for embroidery so it would be cheaper.

How to use wholesale towels for embroidery?

Choose towel: The first thing that you need to do is to choose the towels that you want to embroidery. It would be better when the towel has no pattern so the embroidery would be more visible.

Choose embroidery: next you need to choose the kind of embroidery that you want to use for your towels. There are many popular embroidery that you could use such as letter, animal, character, and many others.

Wholesale Towels for Embroidery

Choose position: the position of the embroidery is very important so the embroidery would be more visible. You need to mark the position of the embroidery using disappearing marker.

Attached stabilizer: there are two kinds of stabilizer that you need to use which are cutaway stabilizer for the back part and water soluble stabilizer for the front part. Make sure that you have it in larger size than the embroidery hoop that you use. You could use spray adhesive to attach both stabilizers to the position that you have marked before, then you are ready to hoop the three layers together.

Stitch embroidery: last you could stitch the embroidery according to the pattern that you have chosen before then you could trim all stabilizers that excess the pattern.

When you use wholesale towels for embroidery then you would be able to get embroidery towel for cheaper price. Moreover you could also try to sell the spare embroidery towels so you could get back some of your money.

Wholesale Beach Towels for Cheaper Price

During summer season you might want to go to the beach. That is why you need to prepare many things such as sun block, food, swimming suite, beach towels, and many others. You will surely notice that the beach towels that you use would easily dirty and damage since you use it outdoor on the beach. This is why you need to purchase wholesale beach towels which make the price cheaper.

Why you should purchase wholesale beach towels?

The main reason why people like to purchase wholesale beach towels is because the price would be cheaper. Moreover you would be able to get more pieces when you purchase the towels in wholesale.

Wholesale Beach Towels

What you should pay attention when purchasing wholesale beach towels?

Most of you think that purchasing wholesale beach towels means you would get lower quality items since the price is cheaper, but this is not always be the case. As long as you could make sure that the items that you purchase has high quality before you purchase it.

The problem exists when you purchase it from online wholesaler so you would not be able to see the items beforehand. This is why you should make sure that the online wholesaler that you use is trustable by searching for a view review about the website.

Detail of wholesale beach towels

Aside from their quality there are some details that you should pay attention about wholesale beach towels such as:

Towel size: the size of beach towels usually larger than ordinary bath towel. For adult the standard size should be around 60 inches by 30 inches. For kids the size is varied so you should make sure that it would fit them.

Towel pattern: for adult the towel pattern would not be necessary, but for kids it would be better when you choose pattern that they like so they would happier when using it.

Using Paper Hand Towels to Replace Cloth Hand Towels

The paper hand towels are another alternative that you could use to replace the cloth hand towels. These paper hand towels are usually use in commercially used bathroom since there are a lot people uses it. For house use the paper hand towels are used in the quest bathroom or the kitchen to wipe spills, dust and any other mess in the kitchen.

Advantage of using paper hand towels

There are many reasons why people like to use paper hand towels than cloth hand towels. The first reason is because of sanitary. The cloth hand towels are used multiple times possibly by different people, they would be easily dirty. While the paper hand towels would only be used once before you disposed it so it would be cleaner. This is why commercially used bathroom towel or quest bathroom often use paper hand towels.

Paper Hand Towels

Other reason is because of some paper hand towels are environmentally friendly. Although it could not be applied to all paper hand towels, but some of it are made from recycled paper material so they would not need to use virgin wood pulp to create it. This is why you need to use paper hand towels that are made from recycled paper material.

Some of the paper hand towels also presented with beautiful colors and pattern so you could use it to decorate your bathroom with. The paper hand towels are molded with different pattern on the surface that you could match with the theme of your bathroom.

Types of paper hand towels

Folded paper hand towels: this type are the most common used paper hand towels in the house since it is easier to take out and used. There are also interesting dispensers where you could keep it.

Rolled paper hand towels: this type is commonly use for commercially used bathroom since it would be cheaper compared to the other types.

Hand Towels Walmart Tips and Trick

Hand towel is one thing that you always use every day, this is why you need to use high quality hand towel to make sure that the hand towel could be used for a long time. One of the places where you could find it is at hand towels Walmart.

As you know Walmart has many kind items that you need for our daily live including hand towels. Moreover Walmart would also give cheaper price for their high quality items so you could save more money when purchasing hand towels Walmart.

Brand of hand towels Walmart

When you purchase your hand towels from Walmart you would have many selection since they offers many kinds of brand in the store such as Mainstays, Better Homes and Gardens, Revere Mills, Simple Luxury, DDI, Baltic Leisure, Creative Bath, Superior Pump, Creative Bath Products, Sherry Kline, Samantha Grace Designs, Revere Cookware, HomeTrends, McArthur Towels, Bone Collector, Caseys, Linum Home Textiles, Turkish Towel Company, Bell & Howell by Emson, and Oriental Furniture.

Hand Towels Walmart

Tips when purchasing hand towels Walmart

When you want to get cheaper price, you could try to purchase it when they have big discount. These discounts are usually available in special event such as black Friday, end year sale, holiday sale, clearance sale, and many others.

Choose hand towels that have the same pattern and colors with your old hand towels so it would be more suitable for your bathroom unless you want to change the theme of your bathroom.

If you want to purchase hand towel for practical uses then it would be better to find towel without many decoration on the surface of the towels so it would not be easily damage. But when you purchase the hand towel for decoration you could purchase any pattern that you want. Pay attention on the direction of how to clean the hand towels Walmart that the manufacturer gives so you would not damage it when clean it.

How to Use and Clean Fingertip Towels

Some of you might not know these fingertip towels since most people do not use it because this towel is not very common to use. The fingertip towels have small size and often missed with hand towels since they have similar shape and size.

Standard size of fingertip towels

The fingertip towels have 10 inch by 15 inch standard size while the hand towels have 14 inch by 22 inch standard size. We could see from this that fingertip towels have smaller size compared to hand towels. This is also the reason why the fingertip towels are not common to use.

Uses of fingertip towels

Although the fingertip towels is not common to use but you could actually use it for many things such as:

Decoration using fingertip towels: the fingertip towels usually made in higher quality and more interesting decoration. That is why this towel is commonly used for decoration. They also have more beautiful pattern for that purpose. Some of the fingertip towels are decorated with beautiful trim on the edge of the towel. You could also match the pattern with the theme that you have inside your bathroom.

Fingertip Towels

Practical uses of fingertip towels: aside from decoration this towel could also be used for drying your hands (fingertip) after splash them with water. But it is most commonly done by the quest in the house. This is why the fingertip towels are commonly place in quest bathroom.

Cleaning the fingertip towels

When you want to clean the fingertip towels you need to be very careful since these towels has more decorations so you would not want to damage the decoration. It is best to follow he direction that the manufacturer give to you when purchasing the towel. But for most fingertip towels you could use warm water with gentle detergent when washing it. To dry it you would need to use the lowest level.

How to Purchase Hand Towels in Bulk?

Most of you might want to save more money especially for things that you always use everyday such as the hand towels. This is why you need to buy hand towels in bulk so you will get cheaper price. But some of you might not know how to buy hand towels in bulk, this is why we will teach you how in this article.

Decide how much towel that you need

First thing that you need to do is to decide how much hand towels that you need. Although hand towel would not damaged when you store it carefully but it would be better when you buy as much as you need so you would not waste any money.

Hand Towels in Bulk

Another reason why you need to decide how much hand towel that you need is because most bulk sale has determine minimum pieces that you should buy to get cheaper price. It could be in 6 pieces or 12 pieces or 24 pieces and even more. When you already decide how much towel that you need then you would be able to choose which minimum pieces that you going to buy.

Compare the price of hand towel

Next thing that you need to do is to compare the price of hand towel that you are going to buy. You could go to several stores to check on their prices and search one that has good quality but with cheaper price.

Usually people buy hand towels in bulk from the internet. When you do this, then you need to be careful and you need to make sure that they have good quality item since you could not see the item beforehand.

You could visit several website and compared their price. Another thing that you need to think about when purchasing from website is the delivery cost that you would also need to pay, so you need to also included it on the price when comparing them.

How to use Decorative Hand Towels to Decorate Your Bathroom?

One way that you could do to decorate your bathroom is by using the towels that you usually have inside your bathroom. The towels could really be used afterwards or you could leave it alone as decoration only. Among those towels the decorative hand towels are quite easy to use since it has small size so you could use it anywhere.

Placement of decorative hand towels for easy use

When you want to decorate your bathroom with these towels but still want to really use them, then you just place them neatly on one corner of your bathroom counter or cabinet. You could select several towels with different colors that match with the color scheme of your bathroom. Fold the hand towel in half on lengthwise then roll them up.

 Decorative Hand Towels

These hand towels rolls could then be use to decorate your bathroom in several ways such as:

Hand towel bucket or basket: pick a small wooden bucket or bamboo basket then place the towels inside the bucket or basket neatly. To use it you just need to pull one of the towels out of the bucket or basket.

Hand towel with ribbon: take the towel rolls and use small ribbon to tie the towels, but do not tied it too tight so you could untie it or pull the towel out from the tie when using it later on. You could just stack the towel on your bathroom countertop.

Classic way to use decorative hand towels

For classic way to decorate hand towel you could place it in towel rack. But this way might look boring and uninteresting. But actually there are several things that you could do to make it more interesting. First you need to choose towel rack that has interesting shape then fold the hand towel in to then hung them on the towel rack. Tie them with big ribbon so it would look more beautiful.